What we do
Impact Healthcare is a consulting company specialising in Emergency Medicine advice for setting up and operating Emergency Centres in the private sector. Impact also consults in Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Customer service for private hospitals in special areas such as:
  • Developmental projects with high medical involvement.
  • Analysis of hospitals in difficulty ie "hospital doctoring"
  • Development of Physician bonding programs.
  • Assistance with Database Relationship Marketing Programs.
  • Running Strategic Planning workshops
  • Training workshops in Medical Marketing
  • Demographic mapping for planning and marketing

Brisbane Northside Private Emergency Centre

  • Wakefield Emergency Centre/Wakefield Hospital
  • St Vincents Emergency Centre
  • Knox Emergency Centre
  • St Helens Emergency Centre
  • Wesley Emergency Centre
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Calvary Hospital "Cairns"
  • St Vincents - Mercy Group Melbourne